Welcome to the Large Numbers WikiEdit

Welcome to the large numbers wiki.

This wiki is an intelligent debate & information wiki that was created solely for large numbers.

I myself created this wiki because I am very interested in this topic.

And yes, I purposely am talking intelligently to sound in charge and like I know a lot about this topic.

If you're reading this in Patrick Stewart's voice, Then you know what I'm talking about.

Only add pages if you've studied a bit on the topic and know what you're doing.

And to be specific, yes, this wiki is for large numbers. Especially ferociously and stupidly large numbers.

Well, Happy editing!

External List Googology WiKia is where you will find PsiCubed2, the active cyberbully who ruined the wikia for me by starting a pissing contest and behaving like a 5 year old! He and the rest of the wikia are nothing but cyberbullies who hate people for making salad numbers(see their rude to beginners page detailing an unnecessarily complex explanation for salad numbers, which simply are numbers defined using preexisting ideas from specific people. Well, since you didn't listen, happy going from a fan of large numbers to an overly confused person by unnecessarily complex explanations and people who literally kill you just because they choose to feel discomforted at salad numbers, so disorganized and confusing and turns mathematical large number geniuses into PsiCubed2(s), who now has a career being a cyberbully and starting a pissing contest on the wikia and being narcissistic and hating on me because of that, to make it worse, even an active admin there couldn't take it as a joke nor just ignore it if he hated it, and then quoting PsiCubed2's comment in his comment because he is a narcissist as well and he is a weirdo. They are also master computer hackers.Edit

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